Take your SaaS business to the next level with our world-class team and marketing expertise.


Creating high-quality content is one of the pillars of a successful SaaS marketing strategy.

Before writing a single word, our SEO team conducts comprehensive research to ensure that the topics we’ll be covering are actually in demand on search engines. After our native writers finish crafting the content and editors refine it, a designer further improves the blog post with additional graphics and illustrations. Finally, our SEO specialist ensures that all SEO best practices are being followed. At this stage the post comes to you for final approval or any edits you deem necessary and only after getting the green light from you, it will be published.


Traditional content marketing is a long-term investment that involves a lot of waiting. MRR Media has developed a system to speed this process up.

After publishing a new article, our research team looks into the data behind all competing articles. We gather information about who has shared similar articles or linked to them from their own websites. We then reach out to each of them via personalized emails and win-win proposals to essentially replicate all of your competitors’ links and consequently dominate the Google search results.


Social media runs the modern world but it’s important to ensure your company gets maximum visibility.

Our team will take care of all of your social media management for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We get you maximum visibility by sharing the content created by your business, driving more attention to your older content, curating the best content in your industry, and engaging your audience through non-promotional material.


Email marketing is the most efficient way of engaging with current clients as well as potential customers.

MRR Media will send out 8 newsletters per month on your behalf—four emails promoting new content that has been created for your business, and four pieces that promote old content, curate industry news, and engage with potential customers in new ways. For the best results, we also build advanced automation funnels in the back-end to ensure each lead that comes in has the highest chances of converting to a paid customer.


We can get you featured on the best blogs in your space as well as high-end publications such as Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post, Tech.co, and many others.

Guest posting is another great way to attract strong links back to your website to increase your authority in the eyes of search engines. This increases your organic traffic and other enhances other content marketing efforts. Other benefits include more targeted traffic to your website, increased brand awareness, and building new relationships with influencers in your space.


Our team will bring you in as a guest on some of the leading podcasts in your industry for additional authority, links, traffic, and of course, sales.

Getting featured on top-chart industry podcasts is a fantastic opportunity to get exposed to a highly targeted and engaged audience. We’ll help you build genuine relationships with influencers in your sphere while driving more visitors to your website—particularly customers who know, like, and trust you.


Traffic from search engines is laser-targeted and has one of the highest conversion rates out of any digital marketing channel.

Our team will help put you at the top of search engine pages by analysing and replicating all of your competitors’ strongest backlinks. We also perform outreach for your older content, get your listed on resources pages in your industry, conduct “broken link building”, and find unlinked mentions of your company to get links added.


We have experts on the team who are able to manage all of your digital advertising needs:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Bing Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Media Buying